X-Tra Life Gamers Energy Food Title
So what exactly is in X-Tra Life?
How does it provide you with long lasting, steady energy so you can outlast the competition? Here, you can take a look directly at the nutrition facts. Be sure to find out how a vitamin in X-Tra Life could help your reaction times!
As you can see, X-Tra Life is 100% pure Salvia Hispanica L. This plant has a special oil in the stems and leaves that insects and other pests cannot stand. Therefore, pesticides are never used when growing the plants, making it extra safe and environmentally friendly to eat.

X-Tra Life has NO added chemicals, pharmacuticals or artificial substances. It's great for you just as it is!

Nutrition Facts Label Close-Up
Look. X-Tra Life is not here to bore you with hype and fluff.
You want the facts, and how it can help you.

Gives you long lasting energy. Look at those mixes weight-lifters use. They're loaded with protein...how else are you going to power so much activity? X-Tra Life is 23% protein by weight. However, unlike some plant proteins, X-Tra Life has complete protein. This form is usually only found in meat, and supplies the body with the full range of benefits.
Cleanses the digestive tract helping your body work more efficiently. When your digestion is working smoothly you benefit more from the nutrients absorbed. With enough fiber in your diet you won't waste time on the toilet, either!
Oxidative damage can wear down your body. When your body is fighting off oxidative stresses, it leaves you with not only less energy for fun, but also exposed to germs which may take advantage of your immune system. By consuming antioxidants as in X-Tra Life you help yourself stay healthy.
Magnesium Calcium & Vitamin D:
Everyone knows that calcium is important for strong bones and teeth. But did you know that magnesium and vitamin D support the efficient absorbtion of calcium into your body?
B Vitamins:
Maybe you have noticed that many energy drinks are including B vitamins these days. They're doing the right thing by adding this important nutrient!

"The B-vitamin family contains diverse members necessary for healthy functioning of almost all body processes, which is why they are “essential” nutrients. The actions of the B vitamins cover everything from energy production in the body, to maintaining blood vessels to hormone metabolism" (*1)

How about Faster Reaction Times ? (for healthy people)
"Vitamin B-1 was also linked to the health of the nervous system in another study: healthy women who took vitamin B-1 were shown to be more clear-headed and energetic as well as having faster reaction times"

Do you look foreward to a big plate of broccoli? How about eating salmon 3 nights each week? Do you snack on bran flakes while you play your favorite game system? Chanses are, probably not.

If you don't always get the chance (or the will) to eat exactly the most healthful foods you, X-Tra Life can back you up. Here is X-Tra Life compared with some common health foods.

Magnesium – 15 times more than Broccoli
Calcium – 6 times more than whole milk
Omega-3 – nearly 9 times the amount found in Salmon
Fiber – more than flax seed & 2 times more than bran flakes
Iron – nearly 3 times more than spinach
Protein – more than soy
Unlike fish, X-Tra Life has NO CHOLESTEROL
1. National Research Council. Recommended Daily Allowances. 10th ed National Academy Press: Washington, DC, 1989.
2. Benton D, Griffiths R, Haller J. Thiamine supplementation, mood and cognitive functioning. Psychopharmacol 1997;129:66-71