This photo dramatically illustrates the unique gelling property of X-Tra Life. The gel you see around the seeds remains on them throughout most of the digestive process, helping you feel full, and keeping you hydrated as the gel slowly releases electrolytes and water.
X-Tra Life Video Game Endurance Superfood
Blast your energy level with 4 different benefits!
If you're ready for an X-Tra Life, see how you can blast your energy levels safely and naturally. With all four benefits working together when you eat it, you can't lose!
Energy & Endurance
X-Tra Life is loaded with complete protein, and real nutrition. It's not caffeine and sugar that's going to let you down in a few hours. 23% complete protein by weight, and carrying the full range of B-vitamins, X-Tra life goes to work and doesn't stop. Because it is digested slowly, you feel the energy all day, without jitters to mess up your aim. It packs more calcium than milk, so X-Tra Life will help you power up your game, and beyond.
Hydration Header
Hate getting up to go the the bathroom during the big game?
X-Tra Life solves this with ease. The gel that forms around each seed releases it's liquid slowly as it is digested, keeping your system hydrated. It's also full of electrolytes, which are lost through sweat or exertion. When you eat the hydrated seeds you won't feel thirsty as often as you do when using plain soft drinks. X-Tra Life contains no caffeine.
Caffeine is a diuretic. The more you drink, the thirstier you get, and the more you've got to go!
The unique gelling property of X-Tra Life helps you feel full, and keeps you hydrated while you play. Since each seed absorbs 12 times its weight in liquid, the gelled seeds are much larger, keeping you feeling full longer. You won't be tempted to keep getting up for more messy snacks. You can stay satisfied, comfortable and in the game!
Turn your body into a "No-Crash Zone"!
Tired of energy drinks hyping you up and letting you down? Tired of feeling sleepy in the afternoon? Tired of just being tired? Sleepiness and sluggishness can put your head in a fog and take you out of the life you want to live. X-Tra Life slows your body's conversion of carbohydrates into sugars. Think only diabetics need to worry about blood sugar? Think again. The "afternoon sleepy" time where it feels like you could use a nap is a result of a drop in your blood sugar levels. This slow down results in constant, steady energy that lasts all day, and lets you sleep peacefully at night.
How to Use X-Tra Life
X-Tra Life Fullness Factor Comparison
X-Tra Life Size Compare Photo X-Tra Life Close Up Photo How big is each seed? They're tiny! And each one is uniquely patterned. The mix of brown and white in X-Tra Life gives you the best of both worlds, as each color combines a different ratio of nutrients inside.
There are several easy ways to use X-Tra Life. It takes just seconds to add it to anything you want. The packs are 1 serving each, so there's no preparation or measuring to slow you down.

X-Tra Life Plain
First, you can just open the pack, eat the seeds and wash them down with your favorite drink.
X-Tra Life Food
You can sprinkle them onto any food that is slightly moist, so they stick. This works on anything like pizza, sandwiches, pasta, ramen, inside tacos, yogurt or cereal. Anything you can think of, all without altering the flavor.
X-Tra Life Drink
You can also stir a pack into your favorite drinks, stir or shake, wait 10-15 minutes and the X-Tra Life seeds will gel. The soft seeds in their gel drops are easy to drink, and may float, sink, or hover in the glass or can.

These have had water added to them, but with just a 1-Tablespoon serving of X-Tra Life, you can turn 9 tablespoons of your favorite beverage into a delicious protein power-packed blast that tastes JUST the same!

If you add a serving of X-Tra Life to a whole 8-oz glass or can of your favorite beverage, stir, and wait 10-15 minutes, it will form individual beads of gel that float or swirl around like snowflakes. These are soft and easy to drink.

NOTE: The seeds may cause some beverages to lose some of their carbonation (Fizz) especially if you don't use a full 8 oz. serving to hydrate the seeds.

How easy is it?
Read the instructions as included with each bag!