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What Is X-Tra Life?
What does X-Tra Life taste like?
What does X-Tra Life Look like? Is it easy to eat?
Will X-Tra Life alter the taste of my food or drinks?
How does X-Tra Life work to give me energy?
How does X-Tra Life make me feel full?
How soon will I feel the effects of X-Tra Life?
How does X-Tra Life help me on long gaming sessions or campaigns?
How should I store X-Tra Life?
How long before X-Tra Life expires?
Can I consume 'too much' X-Tra Life?
Is X-Tra Life safe?
Will X-Tra Life help me to lose weight?

Q. What is X-Tra Life?

A. X-Tra Life is 100% pure Salvia Hispanica L, a type of seed. This seed was used by ancient peoples such as the Aztecs to sustain whole armies for many days without other food sources. It was actually banished for hundreds of years until its amazing energy properties were re-discovered. Read the true amazing endurance story?

Q. What Does X-Tra Life Look like? Is it easy to eat?

A. X-Tra Life Salvia Hispanica L. Seeds are actually very tiny! Each one has a different pattern on the surface. When you open your packs of X-Tra Life, you may notice brown and white colors. These each have a different ratio of nutrients, so you get the best of both worlds!

Close Up X-Tra Life Product Photo Because the gel is very soft, X-Tra life is easy to eat. If it is swirled into your favorite drink, you likely won't even notice the little beads of gel as you drink it. If it's sprinkled on food such as yogurt, pizza, bread with jelly or sandwiches, it may add a tiny bit of 'crunch factor' if you happen to bite one. Actual Size X-Tra Life Seed

Q. What does X-Tra Life taste like?

A. Nothing, really. If you get a whole mouth-full of it plain, you may find a vague ‘nut-like’ or ‘grain’ taste. After all, what is YOUR favorite food or drink? Chances are, it’s different than someone else’s. Because X-Tra Life has no flavor of its own, you can put it in anything you already like to eat.

Q. Will it alter the flavor of my food or drinks?

A. No. X-Tra Life’s unique property is that it DISTRIBUTES rather than absorbing or covering up tastes. You can add it to anything you already like to eat or drink, and it will take on the flavor of that food. Continue to enjoy everything you do now!

Q. How does X-Tra Life work to give me energy?

A. X-Tra life is 23% protein by weight, even though it is 100% plant-material. Protein provides you with long lasting, steady energy. It also has

• Magnesium – 15 times more than Broccoli
• Calcium – 6 times more than whole milk
• Omega-3 – nearly 9 times the amount found in Salmon
• Fiber – more than flax seed & 2 times more than bran flakes
• Iron – nearly 3 times more than spinach
• Protein – more than soy
• Unlike fish, X-Tra Life has NO CHOLESTEROL

What do you get when you mix all this together? Energy! This, along with their electrolytes and ability to keep you hydrated will keep you energized and feeling fresh long after others wear out.

Q. How can X-Tra Life help me feel full for hours?

A. X-Tra Life is not an ordinary food. You can even watch how it works to keep you feeling full!

Add 1 serving (1 package) to a dry glass.
Then, add 9 tablespoons of water, or your favorite drink. Stir, and wait 10-15 minutes.

When you return, the liquid will have turned into a thick gel, that will not pour. See how much more space the seeds take up? It's this property that keeps you feeling full, even as the gel is digested and releases nutrients to give you energy.

If you put dry seeds onto your food, or eat them plain, they'll still hydrate if you drink any liquid after eating them. You can always get the "Fullness Factor" benefit.

Q. How soon will I feel the effects of X-Tra Life?

A. X-Tra Life is not a typical energy product. You do not get a 'rush' of sudden hyper-activity or any sort of 'buzz' from consuming it.
The effects of X-Tra Life vary, based on the individual. If you gel X-Tra life before eating it, you'll notice the 'fullness factor' immideatly. If you eat X-Tra Life dry, and then hydrate it with your favorite drink, the fullness-factor may take about 10-20 minutes to activate. The energy factor of X-Tra life is gradual. You may not even notice it at first. But when you're staying up later without consequences, when you don't feel like an afternoon nap, and when waking up in the morning is easier, you'll know it's working.

Q. How can X-Tra Life help me on long gaming sessions or campaigns?

A. No one wants to interrupt the awesomeness of campaigns or long-running game missions by jumping up to go to the bathroom or fix food. This is where you really benefit from X-Tra Life. It packs a double punch for you!

X-Tra Life forms a gel when mixed with any liquid. The gel holds onto water throughout the digestive process, releasing it slowly along with electrolytes for maximum hydration. You’re not battling thirst or running to the toilet as you would be with excessive caffeine.

The unique gelling property of X-Tra Life helps you feel fuller longer. You won’t crave tons of snacks or feel the need to eat for several hours after using an X-Tra Life. As it helps you to feel full, it releases vitamins, minerals and protein into your system to give you lasting energy. A side effect of this may be the loss of excess body fat.

Q. How should I store X-Tra Life?

A. X-Tra Life does not require refrigeration or any special storage container. The individual serving packs are sealed for freshness.

If you create gel, for use in drinks, yogurt or other liquid-foods, it will keep in a covered container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Q. How long before X-Tra Life expires?

A. Because of their high level of anti-oxidants, X-Tra Life will not go rancid like flax seeds, or other oils and grains. They will keep safely for up to 2 years! Their anti-oxidant content prevents the oils from spoiling, and also helps you prevent oxidation in your body's cells when you consume them.

Q. Can I consume “Too Much” X-Tra Life?

A. Not really. X-Tra Life is 100% natural, with no added chemicals or harmful substances. It’s FDA approved as a “Healthy Food”. It will not build up in the body. It contains no caffeine, or sugar. You can consume as many packs as you want in a day, as necessary as you become hungry. If you eat a very large quantity of X-Tra Life, you may become very thirsty or experience a loose bowel for a short duration. Start low, go slow, and let your body tell you what is right

Q. How safe is X-Tra Life?

A. You may have read warnings and scare stories about energy products. X-Tra Life is actually one of the SAFEST and most nutritious things you can eat. With no sugar, caffeine, herbal stimulants or pharmaceutical additives, X-Tra Life is extremely safe.
It is 100% plant-matter, grown without the use of pesticides, artificial dyes or additives. Every single part of X-Tra Life seeds helps your body in some way. From the regularity-improving fiber to the bone-building calcium and energy blasting protein, X-Tra Life has you covered--for life!

Q. Will X-Tra Life help me to lose weight?

A. Yes, if you use it correctly. Because of it's unique gelling property, X-Tra life helps you to feel full for hours. When you're full, you don't reach for snacks, or want to eat as much as usual at meals. Eating less at meal time, and avoiding snacks contributes to weight loss for most people.
If you add an X-Tra life packet to your cereal/oatmeal/yogurt/whatever you eat for breakfast you can expect more energy throughout the day. When you don't feel tired and run-down, you feel like doing more activities which burn calories.
If you combine X-Tra life with an elevated activity level (you have the energy to do it!) and eating less food (you're just not as hungry!) you should expect to lose weight.

Note: Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program or a diet program.