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Other Energy Products Ask You to Believe They Work...
X-Tra Life Shows You!
These are the instructions included with every bag of X-Tra Life. Read them here first so you can see just how simple, delicious and beneficial it is to use before you buy!
Instructions for Use:

Recommended Serving: 1 pack per day. More can be used as needed, X-Tra life is very safe and chemical free.

X-Tra Life Drink-
If you mix 1 packet with your favorite beverage (Ex. Bottled water, cola, fruit juice etc.) , stir well, and wait 10 minutes. The seeds will hydrate and remain suspended in the drink. The beads of gel will be soft and easy to consume.

X-Tra Life Food-
You can sprinkle the contents of 1 packet onto your favorite “damp” food. (Yogurt, pudding, pizza, cereal, ice cream etc.) If the food is wet enough that the seeds won’t bounce off, they will stick and take on the flavor of that food.

X-Tra Life Plain-
You can also eat X-tra life by itself. You may notice a vague ‘nut’ or ‘grain’ like flavor if you simply empty the packet into your mouth. If you eat it plain, you should drink a glass of your favorite drink to hydrate and activate the effect.

Make Gel-
To form a gel with X-Tra life that can be added to any liquid or liquid food, place 1 packet of X-tra Life into a cup or bowl with 9 tablespoons filtered or bottled water, stir, and wait 10-15 minutes. It will form a thick gel that will not pour. This gel is the reason you feel full longer after eating X-tra Life.

X-Tra Life Fullness Factor Comparison
Energy Note:
X-Tra Life is 23% protein by weight. It is also full of vitamins and minerals including a full range of B Vitamins, Calcium and boron. It is the high nutrient and protein content of X-Tra life that fuels long-lasting steady energy. X-Tra life is NOT a drug or potion that gives immediate jittery energy. The energy you’ll feel from X-Tra life builds up over time as it increases your general health.
Diabetic Note:
The gel on the seeds (it will form after you eat it, even if you eat them dry, by absorbing any liquid in the stomach) slows down the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars and will lower blood sugar.
Weight Loss Note:
Due to the gelling action of X-Tra life you will feel full longer than usual after eating it. When you feel full you aren’t tempted to snack between meals or eat as much at meals. This can lead to the loss of excess weight.
Hydration Note:
The gel on X-Tra life is very slow to be removed by your body. It remains during a large part of the digestion process, which keeps your body evenly hydrated for a longer period than ordinary drinks.
Fiber Note:
X-Tra life has a high fiber content. This helps ensure regularity, colon hydration, colon cleanliness and nutrient absorption, however if you eat many packs of X-Tra Life in a short period of time you may experience a loose bowel for a short time. Start low and go slowly, your body will tell you how much you need.