You're About to Discover Your Secret Weapon to Beating the Competition!

Obviously playing more video games is important to you. Naturally you want to outlast the competition.
You need an X-tra Life. X-Tra Life gives you steady, long-lasting energy that you need to play on for longer than anyone else. As online games like Halo, Everquest and Warcraft become more notice they ALL have one thing in common: lack of a pause button. What will you do about it?

When you have more energy, you can stay up later, game longer & have more fun. X-Tra Life won't send you
running to the toilet or the kitchen to grab more food like energy drinks. No jitters to mess up your aim. No caffeine crash to take you out of the game.
X-Tra Life is built for Endurance Electronic Sports. Your big campaign? Your all-night frag-fest? X-Tra Life has you covered
You do so much already. Don't you want an X-Tra Life?
How can X-Tra Life help me?

No one wants to interrupt the awesomeness of campaigns or long-running game missions by jumping up to go to the bathroom or fix food. This is where you really benefit from X-Tra Life. It packs a double punch for you!

X-Tra Life Energy Video Game Food Photo
What do YOU want?
Energy to help you play longer?
Everyone wants to play more games. Just another match, one more quest, one more round. But if you're suffering a caffeine crash or you're just too tired to'll miss out on the fun. Some energy drinks can pick you up quick, but let you down later. X-Tra Life provides long lasting steady energy. It DOES NOT "hype you up" or provide jittery energy. If you still want to feel an 'energy rush' you can freely mix X-Tra Life with your favorite energy drink. You can Read more about how X-Tra Life gives you energy
What's your favorite flavor?
What do YOU like to eat? What's your favorite drink? Then that's what X-Tra Life tastes like! One of it's unique properties is to distribute flavors. It does not dilute, absorb or alter the flavor of whatever you add it to. It simply takes on the taste, and distributes it by forming gel. Your favorite soft-drinks? Just tear a pack and dump it in. Pizza? It sticks to the surface. Anything that is lightly damp or liquid will work with X-Tra Life. Learn More About X-Tra Life's Flavor Power.
Fullness Factor!
The unique gelling property of X-Tra Life helps you feel fuller longer. You won’t crave tons of snacks or feel the need to eat for several hours after using an X-Tra Life. As it helps you to feel full, it releases vitamins, minerals and protein into your system to give you lasting energy. A side effect of this may be the loss of excess body fat
X-Tra Life forms a gel when mixed with any liquid. The gel holds onto water throughout the digestive process, releasing it slowly along with electrolytes for maximum hydration. You’re not battling thirst or running to the toilet as you would be with excessive caffeine
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